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  • I am a dollmaker. I love antique fabrics and hoard them. I collect old china doll heads without bodies and leather doll bodies without heads and never put them together. I have stacks of old photos of people I don't know. I have two smart and funny kids who complain that I hang plates on the wall instead of pictures. I have a great husband who travels with me and who I used to garden with but now don't because all I do is make dolls. Luckily he still likes me. So all in all somewhat normal ...depending , of course, on who you ask.

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August 27, 2007



We were all truly blessed to have met Shelley. I will be forever thankful for Corey's sprinkle of fairydust that drew us into her home and her life. Blessings, AnnieElf


Me too! Wasn't it wonderful to see such love and affection that inspires us to live life completely? Hugs to you dear friend, and to Shelley who keeps us all together!!!

annie lockhart

nicol...such truth. i am forever changed from this meeting. ditto to the comments from ulla and annieElf...all so dear, and inspiring.


These connections... that bring us together, and show us life in so many different ways... are precious. Thank you Shelley for sharing your love, and thank you Nicol for this heartfelt expression of devotion...


What a wonderful tribute to Shelley! You are lucky to have met this amazing woman and friend of Corey's.
She has spoken many times of what a beautiful heart Shelley has. It must have cheered her so much to have all of you share your love. We all need one another!


Beautifully said Nicol...Devotion is nurtured by love. Shelley is blessed with her family and friends.

Sweet Remembrance



what a GIFT to have shared this afternoon at Shelley's - such beautiful expressions of devotion...

xox - eb.

Pinkie Denise

You capture it so beautifully and your words speak so softly yet carry so far into the depths of our hearts
as does sweet courageous Shelly

Diane Duda

I've never really thought about that word before. Devotion. Thanks for inviting me to do so.
This is a lovely post.

Donna O.

Your prose and photography say it all beautifully...

Tongue in Cheek

Nicol I am certain that you made Shelley cry happy tears with this beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing your friendship with Shelley. Blessings to you xoxox


These words are heartfelt. What a gift of friendship.
I'm greatful to have read them.
Thank you,


I was so honored to have you in our home. When you walked in the door I know my mouth dropped open and my eyes filled with tears. I so admire you and your work. Thank you for your kind words about my family and our home. Something special happend that day that I can't explain. It is a feeling that I will feel forever. thanks


what an amazing lady, her dignity and strength should be a lesson to us all...thank you for sharing your visit with us Nicol...


I have read all the posts of the "bunch of brides"...
Bless you all !


Nicol! I just have to pop by and tell you how much I admire your crowns in the new Crown and Tiara book that I've got last Friday. Both are enchanting, but the one with the bisque doll head angel is my absolute fave, so lovely and antique looking *sigh* GORGEOUS!!!! Somehow it makes we already wish for Christmas lol
Anway I'm on a hunt for bisque doll parts now! Will look at my mum's place first, after the luck I had with the hat boxes!
Hugs Carol xox



What a lovely tribute to a special friend. Thank you for sharing with us, we can all use a reminder about the blessings of life and friendship.


I recently discovered you through Artful Blogging--Congratulations! Your blog is truly beautiful and each time I have visited I have been inspired. You do beautiful work. Thank you for sharing. I, too, am relatively new to blogging---yours is just wonderful.


Nicol, I was just wondering if you would consider adding my website your links as I have been a Seasons of Cannon Falls retailer for almost 10 years. I have carried your work from the beginning. I would be thankful for your consideration. Kasse

Carrie West

Such a beautiful blog! Lovely pictures!!~

britt-sparkled vintage charm

great post! wonderful pics! xo Britt

Debi Mullenioux

I am concerned that Nicol has not posted on her blog in several weeks. I hope she is well and enjoying fall. Does anyone have any information ? Thanks.


I love that wall of watering cans. The color alone just sparkles. It makes we want to paint every wall of my apartment a different color. Flashes of color like that inspire art projects and propel me to my art room to tinker with paint and collage.

le petit cabinet de curiosites

Wonderful picture . We can see Shelley cherish special moments ...and Loves life

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