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  • I am a dollmaker. I love antique fabrics and hoard them. I collect old china doll heads without bodies and leather doll bodies without heads and never put them together. I have stacks of old photos of people I don't know. I have two smart and funny kids who complain that I hang plates on the wall instead of pictures. I have a great husband who travels with me and who I used to garden with but now don't because all I do is make dolls. Luckily he still likes me. So all in all somewhat normal ...depending , of course, on who you ask.

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August 02, 2007


Miss Maddie's

I met Laurie once years ago at a show she had just before Thanksgiving in Ohio. Her bears and bunnies were delightful then. I see she hasn't lost that magic! Thanks for sharing Nicol.

Sweet Remembrance

What a wonderfully magical place!
Must have been fun...


What a gift to have Lori Ann as a friend that gets the real YOU!! Also someone on that same path. Her studio is fabulous. That pin cushion is inspiring me. Now I will go pay her a visit.

Michelle Sylvia

The magic sparks in the room must have been flying with the both of you there! :0)

Glad you were able to catch up and feel comfortable with a true friend.
oooohhhh and a peek through the studio. You must have had to pinch yourself to make sure you weren't dreaming!

Thanks for sharing your visit!



your visit with Lori Ann looks magical...

Lori Ann

Nic . . thank you! You're so sweet to do this post!
The visit was such great fun tho far to short!


Oh My Gosh, you don't see wonderful antiques like that any more! what a fabulous studio!!


oh, my gosh! I first visited Lori Ann's site and have fallen head over heels for those rabbits...sigh, they are amazing.

I love your description of your time together, it's such a blessing to have friends like that, isn't it??

Her studio is a pretty darn fun place wonder you were in there getting inspired.:)

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