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  • I am a dollmaker. I love antique fabrics and hoard them. I collect old china doll heads without bodies and leather doll bodies without heads and never put them together. I have stacks of old photos of people I don't know. I have two smart and funny kids who complain that I hang plates on the wall instead of pictures. I have a great husband who travels with me and who I used to garden with but now don't because all I do is make dolls. Luckily he still likes me. So all in all somewhat normal ...depending , of course, on who you ask.

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August 08, 2007



Your favors are beautiful! How sweet of you to make them. I had to laugh when you said, "Do this over a hundred times." I know that feeling, when I really get myself into something! Thanks for sharing these! Simply lovely indead!


lovely artful idea, thanks for sharing.

Karin (creativechaos)

So sweet! I love the simplicity of cream and black music paper....


Nicol, these are just lovely and sweet...and how lucky your friend that you made these for her very special day...


These are so sweet, lovely for a party favor i think!! And congrats on being in the magazine!...i went looking for it today and none of the barnes & nobles (i went to 3 of them) had it...guess i have to order online (darn, cant wait to get my mitts on it!!)


Totally lovely....dare I ask how you make your stars so flat, mine are always so bulky!?!?!?. Thank you for contributing and many congrats...


Congrats on your article! Thanks for sharing the paper cone tutorial. I love cones! I love everything you make!!


What lovely favors!


What lovely favors!

Lisa Thoms

The wedding favors you did are just gorgeous! I love them but don't know if I could do 100 of them!

Congratulations on being featured in the premiere issue of Artful Blogging as that is quite an honor. I just love all of their magazines and I can't wait to get my copy of this one!


Nicol, these are so very sweet. do it over a hundred times, that's the hard part! But they turned out lovely I love the bird and the "lived happily ever after" ribbon!

When my eldest girl got married, we made cones out of paper to match the bride's maids skirts (a light blue silk plaid) I had color copied...we did it over 275 times (sigh) but they too turned out great too.



I love the idea of hanging them on the chairs too!


Absolutely love your vision! Your dolls are wonderful by the way. I vow to welcome one into my home one fine day.

Alison Gibbs

These are absolutely devine.

Kim Sherrod

Those are gorgeous! Did you stamp the bees on the ribbon too?
I will be working on my little doll bed some more tomorrow. so please stop back by if you have time!
I am savoring my copy of The Artful Blogger- reading every word and devouring the lovely photos! What a wonderful thing, to see all my favorite Bloggers together in print!
Congrats on the ink!


I somehow missed out on the "Artful Blogging" party - but I did rush out and buy the book the day it went on sale. I have followed your work since the days of the Hollyberry Hill catalogue and continue to be amazed and delighted at what you create. I too am new to blogging and found the book very inspiring.

Michelle Cummings

How beautiful!


You make it look so easy. Beautiful.


Lovely art . It is beautiful
I'm glad to have found your blog . I love it .
Mélanie xxx

miss maddies

Fantastic idea Nicol! I bet with a few changes in cardstock colors you could make them for a baby shower, a special birthday...The possibilities are endless.Thanks so much for sharing your fancies. Congrats on your Artful Blogging article.I'm sure it's lovely.(as soon as my copy arrives I'll get to see what everyone is talking about) Susan


Beautiful favours and congrats on the inclusion in Artful Blogging, looks great!


What a good friend you are! These favors are so lovely.


Congrats on a wonderfully written article!! Your words about your dolls being a labour of love, and the time it takes to create them really resinates.

Your wedding favors are beautiful. What a lovely gift!

Donna O.

Nicol..I have the magazine (which seems to flying off the shelves) and your artcle was wonderful. (GREAT photography, too!)Congrats!!

edgar and edgar

Congratulations.....and I love the favors. You are sooo clever.


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