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  • I am a dollmaker. I love antique fabrics and hoard them. I collect old china doll heads without bodies and leather doll bodies without heads and never put them together. I have stacks of old photos of people I don't know. I have two smart and funny kids who complain that I hang plates on the wall instead of pictures. I have a great husband who travels with me and who I used to garden with but now don't because all I do is make dolls. Luckily he still likes me. So all in all somewhat normal ...depending , of course, on who you ask.

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August 19, 2007



oh please- im in a little heaven - looking at your photo's- i wish i didnt live so far a way- what a most beautiful place - im like you girl's magic happens.. singing and skipping love jo anderson.


Oh Nicol what lovely glimpses you've catched of Corey's godmothers home and the pretty white fairies! That chandelier is so inspiring! I can only imagine what a magical time you must have enjoyed there!
Hugs Carol xox


Lovely. I love to see how each of the lovley ladies share the time they had, in the Fairy Godmother Magical Castle. Thank you for sharing.
I love your photos they are all beautiful, espcially the one of Corey and her Godmother.

tongue in cheek

True friendship flowing blue as the sea!
You are loved. The beauty of that moment is caught tenderly within your post. xx


Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures. Chloe (my 11 yrd. daughter) and I are in-love with Mary's home. We all need a fairly godmother like Mary. The only problem is we would never want to leave. You must have been enchanted the whole time you were there. Blessing Clarice


It all looks like the most wonderful dream! Lucky, lucky you!


Like a dream this lovely post beckons all to dip into the beauty you have recorded, a faerie tale come true... XO


Oh Nicol, I am loving your photos! Your sweater sat quietly with my camera, while we sailed away... I cannot wait to see you again! Hugs!!!


What a splendid day! Are you sure you were in N. California and not Cape Cod (the style of the house). Corey and godmother Mary really know how to entertain!


beautiful pictures of what seems a beautiful day


everything looks just breathtaking...i just love that tea~cup wind~chime...


dear have said it all was all so sweetly divine. it's wonderful that our paths have now crossed.


What a lovely woman Corey's Fairy Godmother is. (and what I've seen of her house, one who shares beauty and kindness generously)

I hope to grow up to be like her, don't you?


What a special occasion to share with such beautiful friends and a Fairy God Mother!

Donna O.

Nicol- I love the first photo- very ethereal. I'm so sad I had to miss it but wonderful to see it through your lens!


Love this post, especially the photo of the teacup windchime, just enchanting...all of it. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of the party to us.


Such a beautiful way to make an occasion of friendship! Would that we were all so lucky to have a Fairy Godmother to weave her spell.

Pinkie D

Hello, Nicol
I am sure your busy getting ready for your next show. Just wanted to say thank you for the ribbon info. I
received a bunch in the mail and cant wait to dream something up with it. Miss you and hope everything is well. Pinkpomegranate

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