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  • I am a dollmaker. I love antique fabrics and hoard them. I collect old china doll heads without bodies and leather doll bodies without heads and never put them together. I have stacks of old photos of people I don't know. I have two smart and funny kids who complain that I hang plates on the wall instead of pictures. I have a great husband who travels with me and who I used to garden with but now don't because all I do is make dolls. Luckily he still likes me. So all in all somewhat normal ...depending , of course, on who you ask.

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February 02, 2007


Teresa Sheeley

I just discovered your blog. I have to say I really love this. I actually painted a picture once that is similar. But I like this better! Thank you so much for sharing.



I so enjoy your world. Glad you started a blog so that I can visit!


mmmmm, wish I had wings, just like Tallulah's!!! So very cool!


Love your site - welcome to blogland. I love the wings!


Oh Tallulah is a real beauty, what fabulous inspiration for the old dress form I've got from a friend a few weeks ago! I have to give her wings and a banner! Thank you so much!


You are going to fit in just fine around here :)!!

tongue in cheek

I am so glad Heidi lead me to your blog! Oh la la!!


Wow- she's lovely and I love her wings!!
Michelle (Seaside Rose Garden @

Carole Holt

Hi Nicole. I just found your blog but noticed that you have not posted since March! Oh no! Where are you. Remember me? We met at the Wilton show and I told you about a group I am in, Early Cloth and Paint. At that time Christine Crocker was in the group too. Now I have left as well. I am enjoying my website and blog too much. Hope you post again. I would love to visit again and see what you are doing these days.

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